The Studio

I'd like to introduce you to SpaceLightStudio!

I opened my Photography Studio back in 2018. Over the years I produced lots of amazing projects and shared this amazing space with many clients and photographers.


In this large, modern, adaptable space born hundreds of beautiful pictures about persons, families, objects, foods and other beauties of life.

SpaceLightStudio providing a calm, and very open feeling in this unique multifunctional space which is equipped with state of the art lighting system to create the best end result for any photoshoot.

This atractive studio offers exactly what you expect in a professional and modern photography studio in London.


What Clients Are Saying

SpaceLightStudio is a fantastic studio with a great vibe and atmosphere! 
The space is just incredible and gives you enormous room to work in!
Everything’s made and finished of the highest quality and it’s very modern and welcoming! 
The owner are super friendly and he will definitely make sure that you have everything what you need for your perfect photoshoot! 
Furthermore, it’s a great location, very easy access by public transport but also very convenient with the available private parking space, too!
Without a doubt, I’ll be definitely coming back for my next photoshoot! 
10 / 10!